The letter

World is so big and together so small. How much people live here and how much dreams do they have? How fast those dreams come true? Ar they big or small? What are those small things that make people happy? What are their thoughts? What are their feelings? Are they happy? Sad? Focused? Do they get letters? Do they write letters?

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Stuart Brazell and her path to success

Stuart Brazell: " in Los Angeles and working in the entertainment industry is one of the most competitive places in the entire world!"

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Felted products of sea breeze

What else can inspire this much, offer such cosiness and serenity? What shape of wool is as intrinsic to human nature? Would you agree with me if I said that it’s felt? Felt that starts with the touch of fingertips, smell, rustling. Felt that obeys the shape, that forms all fantasies one can imagine: a warm carpet under our feet, slippers, boots, gloves, bags… 

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All dreams come true

My story about children starts from my own childhood, when I was six or seven perhaps. It is hard to remember exactly. As I was a little girl, I remember myself saying to everybody that I would have twins. I wanted it so much that sometimes I asserted even to strangers that I would have twins when I was adult.

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Connecting the dots

Today I want to tell you a story from my life. This story gave me a completely new perspective of Great Britain, which was new and unexpected. At the same time, as an adventure of a single day, it turned my life upside down. A trip that had so many questions and just a single answer...

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