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Sweaters care

Sometimes, while choosing which garment to buy my decision is determined by garment care aspects. Personally I‘m quite lazy washing knitted clothes, because it takes my time and creates additional problems for drying. Over time, I damaged some my favorite sweaters and sweaters of my children,  which today are worn by their dolls and bears. At those moments I had to explain to my children why their beautiful sweaters suddenly became so small... Remembering those moments it makes me sad...


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Feminine freedom 2017 S/S

Today, I declare a spring for my wardrobe - the best time to start planning warm season clothing. A time to emit pure love and energy into the environment to get more of it back. And for this purpose pink color will fit best to me, which is the 2017 SS  trend and which is in my heart.

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Q & A: heart in thousands km away which supports us - Viltė Rooney

Viltė Rooney: Try everything and ask for advice! After graduating the university I knew that I wanted to be in the fashion business, but I didn't know in which way. I've tried styling, PR and working as a writer and editor. Follow your feelings! Listen to the inner voice and never be afraid to take risks. When I started my first business - PR company VilteCo, I was not fully prepared for that leap, but I knew that was something that will help me thrive.

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Ruke's woolen socks
There is one beautiful proverb, which I personally like very much: "Prepare sledge in the summer." So today I want to speak briefly about wool socks.
Just a few days left for our calendar to announce beginning of warm season - the time of awakening and abundance when days will run carelessly at grandmother in the village or on holidays at the sea. It is amazing!

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Knitting patterns

My knitting instructions are: 20% very simple and with clear text,  to quickly and easily achieve the desired result. And of course... 80% of inspiring images that urges me to act, to go further and achieve the desired result, which inspires me to create, fantasize and plan my next knitting projects. Photos, which are full of warmth, comfort and elegance fragile. YES! I like it very much! After all not for a reason is often said: "Genius is found in simplicity."

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