RŪKĖ's story

Rūkė is the story about a young woman and her husband. It is a story that emerged in silence. The path, which they walk together as husband and wife, as friends, as partners, as colleagues.

Everything started in 2011, as the wolves were howling. Like a scream that was longing for both of them. It seemed back then, that only a warm and comfortable sweater could warm their hearts.

That is how the first Rūkė sweater was born, which was followed by second, third and fourth...

In 2006 Neringa Rūkė graduated from the higher Giedre Fledzinskiene’s art school and gained fashion designer’s specialty. She worked as a stylist in various TV and advertising projects. In 2011 the brand Rūkė was born.

Today, sweater is a true must-have item. It became one of the main elements of the wardrobe. Even going to parties while wearing an elegant sweater became a normal thing.

Rūkė sweaters stand out with their quality, elegance, comfort and simplicity. Fashionable details are a key part of these statement pieces.  These are sweaters that are full of love and warmth. Stylish silhouettes will suit you perfectly - both at home and at a gathering of friends, or walking down the streets in dusk.

Neringa Rūkė together with her husband and 5 children live in the Lithuanian village, surrounded by the beautiful Northern nature, which is the central inspiration of her brand.

Experience, knowledge and passion for our work allows us to create exclusive sweaters, which surrounds you with their tranquillity and tenderness.


“Suddenly I see it all clearly,

all my life, unity was what I was seeking

But I only found snippets of the

majestic scenery.

It haunted me for years.


Each time they appeared I tried to look closer.

At first, the scenery reminded me of a sculptor's courtyard

               with incomplete statues,

And only then I found the meaning,

It emerged from fragments and conclusions.


The secrets of existence have become increasingly clear.

It will take many years to see the big picture.

But do not worry -

I am willing to complete this journey.


The destiny of a man is not easily disclosed. It is too immense. You may create your own vision of life in advance, but you will definitely have to replace and repair a lot before your real goal emerges. When separate fragments begin to form a whole, an indescribable feeling of certainty takes you over.

Then, with every step you take, your confidence will shine from head to toe.”



With love and best wishes,

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