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All of this emerged from a great love for sweaters. From a desire to own a garment that would be warm, comfortable, and elegant, surrounding you with its femininity and charm.Life in nature allows us to feel the depth, distance, sounds and smells that permeate our work. You only have to put on Ruke's sweater once to realize how high its quality, how exceptional the design and delicate the colour combination is, making every woman feel like a queen.  Studies with Giedrė Fledžinskienė, work in television, marketing and film making, alongside Lithuania's best known designer taught me to reveal my unique style.

Rūke's sweaters are known by all, but they are only worn by exceptional women!

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One of the main items I would consider a must-have for this season is a long knitted dress, which covers and protects all the best female deflections from the wind and the cold. In winter, we, women, should show our bodies some love and protect it :) This dress has a high neck, which is still in vogue, and is, to all that, functional. After all, you definitely want to wrap yourself in a warm scarf when the cold season rolls around.  The collar easily fits to the neck and gives an elegant look.

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