Comfortable sweater Forest

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Size: oversize.
Color: brown.
Material: 100% lamb wool.

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Oversize comfortable sweater with two pockets.
Size: oversize. Color: brown.
Material: 100% lamb wool.
Manually machine-knitted.
This style is unique and made-to-order - order processing time can take up to 14 days. Possible individual corrections and improvements under clients' request before production.
Pastaba Order processing 10 working days + shipping
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1. Wash garments at 15°C in water and neutral soap. E.G. 10 kg of knitwear requires gr. 40 of neutral soap. Wash garments for about 5/10 minutes, depending on the type of count used. For combed and csrded items contain 30-80% acrylic fibre,we strongly recommend washing at 45 and using slower machine cycles to achieve a softy hand. Subsequantly rinse garments in cold water.

2. Rewash items at 30/35c in water,adding 3-4 grams of softener ( silicon microemulsion) per kilo of material. E.G: 10kg of knitwear requires gr.40 of silicon microemulsion softener. Add 40 garms of acetic acid to the 40 grams of softener per 100 litres of water. Leave the knitwear to soak in the silicon softener and acetic for about 10/20 minutes, with the machine off.

3. Spin dry the garments at no more than 75c for about 15/25 minutes.

4. For strong and contrasting colours in striped knitwear, or Jaquard we recommend dry cleaning first and wash garments on a short cycle with plenty of water.

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